The Miniatures Gathering - 2002

Blue Mountain Inn,
Collingwood, Ontario

April 19th, 20th, 21st


JOIN US in 2002 at a new local, the beautiful Blue Mountain Inn near Collingwood, Ontario.

This fine hotel has plenty of room for workshops, display and mini mart functions. There are also elevators! and the food is all you could want.

The 2002 Gathering Committee has been making plans which they are sure you will find exciting. The theme covers aspects of the settling of the Canadian West - Pioneers, Natives, Missionaries, Mounties, Fur Trappers, Explorers, Prospectors, Traders, Adventurers, and Empire Builders. Historical Background

It is the Committee's hope that you will want to participate, not only by coming to the Gathering, but by teaching a workshop, or making souvenirs, or tote bag favours, or helping in their centrepiece project. Idea Starters

NEW We now have our second mailing online with workshop and additional information. While registration was full, we are receiving some cancellations. If you are interested in attending, please contact us as soon as possible as we are creating a waiting list. The initial registration forms are online. Please note that you can print them off and mail in, or submit them online.

We'd love to meet you there!