2004 Ontario Gathering
Ottawa, Ontario

Registration Form
Please Print a Hard Copy, (turn off headers and footers via Page Setup). Please Write Clearly

Surname __________________________
First name ______________________________
City_________________Prov/State_________ Postal/zip code _________

PHONE #(___)_______ FAX #(___)________ E-MAIL_______________________

This is my first Gathering in Ontario   Yes ______     No ______
Club affiliation(s):- ____________________________________________________________  

Health concerns we should be aware of (dietary, medical, mobility)
We will make every attempt to provide you with specific room requirements:
Ground Floor ____     Smoking ______ Wheelchair Accessible _____
Single Room _____ (note: an additional fee of $60.00 is required)
Shared accommodation with: ___________________________________________

PAYMENT:  Your registration application must be accompanied by your payment.
Three methods of payment are available to you:
____One cheque for $330.00 dated October 15, 2003
____Two cheques for $165.00, one dated October 15, 2003 and one dated January 15, 2004.
____Five cheques for $66.00 dated as follows: October 15, 2003, November 15, 2003, December 15, 2003,  January 15, 2004, February 15, 2004
Payment accepted in Canadian Funds Only by either cheque or money order made out to Miniatures Gathering. Include registrant's name on all cheques please. U.S. residents may use Canadian dollar money orders or Canadian dollar traveller's cheques. U.S. $ payments will be treated at par. Your cashed cheque is your notice of registration.

Mail To: 2004 Miniature Gathering, Marlene Thomas, 60 Eisenhower Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2J 3Z8. Reminder that forms should arrive by October 15, 2003, when registrants will be issued a registration number.

Cancellations and Refunds:  February 28, 2004 is the deadline for cancellation refunds.  Please inform the Registrar by phone, followed by written confirmation (email/post).  Reimbursement will be by cheque with an administrative fee of $25.00 retained.  To avoid excessive charges, please do not put a stop payment on your cheque.