Ontario Miniatures Gathering - 2006

The Fascinating Details

Who to contact


Contributing your Time and Talent



Bus from London

Friday, April 21 to Sunday, April 23

Newbies and oldtimers are all welcome. Registration is limited to 120.

The Beautiful Blue Mountain Inn in Collingwood, Ontario

How much:
$335 is your cost for the weekend. This includes all your meals and accommodation, plus some terrific souvenirs and tote bag favours and all the fun you can pack into your time there. It doesn't include workshops or trips to the bar.

Show and Share
New this year is Show and Share on Friday night. We encourage you to bring your favourite display (your pride and joy) and talk about it and answer questions. Here is a chance to share your knowledge or just explain the fun you had putting it together.

If you want to participate, please complete the Time and Talent form or contact Samm Brockhurst

As always, we will have full and half day workshops on Saturday, plus some day and a half workshops; Sunday morning we'll have half day workshops and round table workshops.

If you wish to apply to teach a Sunday Round Table workshop, please complete the Time and Talent form or contact Samm Brockhurst

We like to have centrepieces at many of our meals. If you or your club would like to make one, please complete the Time and Talent form or contact Susan Phillips

Artisans Market
We will have our Artisans Market on both Friday and Saturday night, after supper.

If you wish to have a table to sell handcrafted items, please complete the Time and Talent form or contact John Parker

Exchange Gifts
You bring one, you get one! Exchange gifts can be anything pertaining to miniatures, with a suggested value of at least $20.

Table Gifts
It has been a tradition on Saturday night to exchange small gifts with the seven other people at your table. While a value of $3 is suggested, most are handmade items which are valued by the recipients as a wonderful reminder of the Gathering.
Giving is optional.

Gathering Helpers
These are items that are raffled off to help with current gathering expenses and any excess goes into an account as start-up money for our next gathering. These are pieces donated by clubs or individuals and can be anything from entire room boxes or vignettes to single pieces of furniture, dolls, etc. They usually run at a value of at least $50, but many are worth far more. The items are kept on display throughout the weekend while the tickets are being sold. The winning tickets are pulled at the Sunday lunch.

If you wish to donate one, please complete the Time and Talent form or contact Karen Bowman

Seating Arrangements at Meals
This year, you have the opportunity to be seated with other miniaturists you may not have met yet, or eat with your friends. If you want to request table mates, fill out the Seating Form .

General Volunteers
As always, we need lots of volunteers to help out with small but important tasks. It's a great way to get involved and meet even more people.

If you'd like to volunteer, please complete the Time and Talent form or contact Joy Parker

Bus from London
Joan Merriam is hoping to arrange a bus for the London people. The more there are, the lower the cost. Please contact Joan directly if you are interested, at 519-434-5959, or 87 Dillabough St., London, ON N5Z 2B9 or joan_merriam at hotmail dot com