"Frequently Asked Questions"


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How are Workshops Assigned?

Workshop assignments are done in registration number order.  To ensure fairness, all registration forms received by October 23, 2009 will be pulled randomly and numbered sequentially.  Registrations arriving after October 23rd will be assigned the next available number on the day they are received.


There will be no Tote Bag items collected for this Gathering.

New This Year

There will be a free draw for one $20 gift certificate to one person at each table, this will happen at two different meals.


We need individuals and/or clubs to provide centerpieces for three meals. It is preferable, but not necessary, that they be theme related. They should be approximately 12" x 12", be packed in a box suitable for traveling and be of a quality you would be proud of.

Gathering Helpers

These are donated items (usually handcrafted) raffled off to help defray overall Gathering expenses. They should have a value of least $50 and be compact enough for the lucky winner to easily carry home. They can be single items (a piece of furniture, a doll) room boxes, displays, etc.  Tickets are sold throughout the weekend.

Depending on the number of Gathering Helpers received, there could be draws for them at various times over the weekend.  If this occurs, the items will be marked as to which draw they will be in so people will know how soon they must get their tickets placed on the ones they want.

Gift Exchange

Gifts must be a scale miniature and have a minimum value of $15. They should be items you would be proud to give and receive. You must bring a gift in order to receive one. Please package in a clear box with your name included.

Round Table Workshops

These are short, inexpensive workshops. The round table workshop kits will be sold on Friday night. On Sunday morning, you will have the opportunity to complete the kits with the assistance of a teacher.


Assistance is needed in many areas throughout the weekend. Please consider offering your help.


We welcome your displays, theme related or otherwise. Bringing them and setting them up is your responsibility. If they are electrified, please bring your own extension cords (clearly marked with your name) and include a small card with your name and any details about the display you think may be of interest. Displays may be set up between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Friday night.

Artisans  Market

This is for those miniaturists who sell to the public and must consist of hand-crafted items, not necessarily made by yourself.  A signed contract is required for which you will be allotted half of an 8 foot table.

Cancellation Policy

A refund of your registration fee (minus a $25 administration charge) will be given provided notice in writing is received prior to February 28th, 2010.  Based on hotel policy, refunds after March 1st would depend on whether or not we have someone from the waiting list to take your place. If you must cancel, please advise Susan Daly (Registrar) by e-mail susan.daly@sympatico.ca or by telephone (416) 698-2772 followed by confirmation in writing.  

If a refund is in order, we will reimburse you by cheque. To avoid incurring any bank charges to the committee and yourself, please do not put a stop payment on your cheque.


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