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Please Note:  It is recommended that you bring a lamp/powerbar for any and all workshops as the room lighting is not adequate.

Saturday (Day & a Half) Workshops


Quarter Scale Kitchen

Instructor: Susan Daly     Cost: $90

In the 1950s, a woman was the Queen of her Kitchen. This is a Quarter Scale room box.  You will finish the interior of the 5” glass and wood display box, make the cabinets, table and countertop with sink as well as some of the accessories. You will also learn how to finish the resin stove and fridge.  The kit includes mini bits of clutter to detail your mini realm. 

Finished size: 5” x 2.5” x 3”

A tool list will be provided to the participants


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A Pair of Louis XVI style chairs

Instructor: Judith Blondell     Cost: $140


In this one and a half day class you will create a pair of  beautiful chairs, fit for a Queen ! The backrest will be pre-carved.  You will sand and assemble the frame. There is a minimal carving involved, but it is optional. The chairs are painted and finished with a gold metallic paste. There will be the option to finish them with a gold metallic paint , which will give the chairs a shinier and  lighter gold appearance.

  Work surface, X-acto knife with sharp blade, 320 grade sandpaper, 1/4" diameter sanding stick [made from dowel, 320 grid sandpaper glued around it], Emery board, Wood glue, Sharp pencil, Scissors for paper, Fray check  (Wal-mart has a good one), Wet Wipes, Small sharp scissors for fabric, Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky glue (Wal-mart has it for a good price), Tacky glue in a glue-syringe, 1/16 and 1/64 drill bit  and Pointy tweezers, Flat paintbrush #6 or#8, Tack cloth, UHU glue stick, Wire cutters, Needle-nose pliers, Alligator clips, Toothpicks, Work-light.



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Marie Antoinette Doll

Instructor: Linda Beaupre     Cost: $110

The young Queen Marie Antoinette is dressed for an evening at Versailles, in a beautiful gown of silk and embroidered fabric. You will not only dress this beautiful doll in your choice of a pink or blue gown but will also learn how to create the elaborate wigs that were the height of fashion at the French Court.

The tool list will be sent to each student once registration is complete.



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Castle Room Box (available in 1/4" scale upon request)

Instructor: Gayle Baillargeon     Cost: $150

A room box fit for a King (or a dragon). There are two rooms in this 24 x 12 box and a glimpse into the hall. The easy to assemble kit also includes a staircase, relief carved stone walls, parquet floor, and corner fireplace.  The top is hinged and a sliding Plexiglas front protects the interior. You will learn to paint a stone look finish, faux marble, wood grain and aging techniques, and create a hanging lantern.

 Instructions for simple wiring will be covered. Optional electrical supplies will be available from the instructor and a materials list will be sent to each student.

Tools: Basic kit, x-acto knife, a white pencil crayon, wood glue, pointed scissors, cutting surface, ½” flat brush, a 10/0 fine point brush, a plastic lid for a paint palette

Handy Extras: drill and 1/16” & 1/32” bits, corner clamps, small hammer, small screwdriver set.



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Saturday (Full Day) Workshops


A Royal Wardrobe

Instructor: Christina Dierck     Cost: $140

Made of cherry wood, the wardrobe provides a space on each side for the royal robes and the centre vanity has a light over the mirror for Milady’s convenience. The upholstered stool is also included.

Tools:  Your favourite wood glue, very fine sandpaper, a hand drill with a fine bit, small clamps and a gluing jig.  The finished piece will have to be varnished at home; clear satin Varathene is recommended (not water based varnish).



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Welsh Dresser for your Castle Kitchen

Instructor: Samm Brockhurst     Cost: $50

Complete with a "dog kennel" that usually holds big pots, this Welsh dresser is constructed from Ontario grown cherry wood. The kit is pre-cut and suitable for intermediate woodworkers. Included are front mounted door hinges and door and drawer pulls (may differ from photo)



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The Queen's Corgi

Instructor: Karl Blindheim      Cost:$125

You will be supplied with a sculpture of the Queen's favourite dog, a Pembroke Corgi, and will work through various painting techniques.  This is a shaded dog and requires a number of layered washes over an established pattern.  Students will have a choice of poses for their dog. 

Tools:  acrylic paint brushes.( 4,2 0, and 00 ) and a box to take the finished item home



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A Veiled Bridal Hat and Matching Purse

Instructor: Julie Dewar      Cost:$60

Create a lovely all-silk hat with a formed crown and delicate veil, trimmed with “pearls”, ribbon roses, “pouf” bow and sparkling hatpin, plus a coordinating silk, special occasion purse. Students will learn how to mould the crown of the hat on a wooden form and construct the brim, During the workshop various trimming techniques will be taught, including: making ribbon roses with the rose-making tool, making “pouf” bows with the bow making tool, tidy trimming, feather-curling and applying no-hole beads.

The kit will include: silk charmeuse fabric, silk ribbons, tulle, braid, bunka and Venice lace, pattern pieces for the hat brim and purse (pre-fused to charmeuse), “no-hole pearls”, fine chain, lace pin, seed beads and a Swarovski crystal, a wooden hat form, rose-making tool, bow-making tool and wooden hat stand.  

Tools:  A glue syringe (essential for tidy application of glue), sewing needle, white sewing thread, a pair of small SHARP scissors, tweezers, tacky glue (Aleene’s Original is recommended). Note: Glue syringes will be available for purchase from the instructor at the time of the workshop at a cost of $3.00 each.



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Smocked Christening Dress & Bonnet

Instructor: Karen Bowman      Cost:$95

A christening dress fit for a princess( and the princess is included!). In this workshop you will learn the timeless art of smoking. The kit for this flowing gown and cap will include Instructions, Fabric prepared to smock, Toule, Lace, Silk ribbon, Beads, Floss Thread, Needle, Baby Doll by Swallowhill

Tools: Good work light, work surface, Aleene's tacky glue (Sold at Michaels) I will have some too.  Straight pins, sharp small pointed fabric scissors


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Sunday (Half Day) Workshops


A Jewellery Stand for the Royal Jewels

Instructor: Christina Dierck      Cost:$35

Made of cherry wood, the cabinet has two working drawers and a chest on top for the tiaras and crowns. Drawers and chest are lined with ‘velvet’.

Tools: Your favourite wood glue, very fine sandpaper, small clamps and a gluing jig.


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The Little Princess Orchid

Instructor: Karl Blindheim      Cost:$75

The Laelia Orchid, ‘Little Princess’, is mounted on a piece of bark. Much of the class will be construction from pre-sculpted and pre-cut elements, but some cutting will be done by the students.  Painting will also be done by the students. A nice selection of colours is available with this Orchid. 

Tools: Fine pointed scissors for cutting paper, acrylic paint brushes,( 2,0 and 00 ) and a box to take the finished item home.



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Collectibles Display Table

Instructor: Addrene Rizen      Cost:$55

A lovely display table for the Royal Collection. Students will have a choice of style; either square low table or oblong high table. Perfect for displaying jewellery, tiaras or any Royal collectibles.

Tools:  Basic tool kit items required to complete project. (X-acto knife, work lamp, glue)

Please note:  The contents are not included, and are shown to offer suggestions for displaying your treasures.


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