Our Gathering theme is “Let’s Go Shopping’ and, for meals, each table will have a different shop as the theme and centerpiece. You get to choose which shop theme you want to sit at for your table.  There is also a choice of scale ; 1/12th, ¼, or ½ inch.

If you prefer not to sit at a theme table let us know and your table will be a non-specific shop in 1/12” scale.


                                 Don’t forget to list : 1/12 One Twelfth Scale or ¼ Quarter Scale or ½ Half Scale

Put the scale next to each theme choice on the Gathering Registration form, accessed from the Forms page.

Your 3 choices do not all have to be in the same scale.


Please put your top 3 table choices and the scale on your registration form. We will try to fill as many 1st choice tables as possible and we may combine some compatible themes to make that happen. We will let you know which table you are sitting at in plenty of time to organise your table gifts.


Only choose from the list below. If you prefer not to sit at a theme table, please check that box on the registration form, available on the Forms page, and you will be seated at a table with a more ‘General’ store theme.


1. Books

2. Toys

3. Tea and Tarts

4. Hats, shoes & bags

5. Flower

6. Art

7. Wine & cheese

8. Bakery

9. Home & Bath

10. Crafts & sewing

If you want to request to be seated with specific shopping buddies, please send an email to: gayle@petworthminiatures.com before October 24th, 2012.



Theme Table Gifts

It is a tradition that we exchange small table gifts with our table mates on Saturday at dinner.  Your table gifts should be something that follows the theme for your table shop. These can be hand crafted or purchased and usually have a value of $5-$10 each. There are 8 people at each table so you will need 7 gifts. Table gifts are not mandatory but they are fun and a lovely way to remember your table mates.


This year, you not only get to enjoy a centrepiece that interests you, and perhaps be lucky enough to win that centerpiece, but you will also take home special table gifts that follow that theme. If you are collecting something particular for a project this is a good way to add to your collection. For example, if you like flowers and gardening and sit at the Flower shop table you might go home with cut flowers, a flowering plant, a bag of garden soil or a few flower pots. If you need ideas for theme table gifts there is a suggestion list below.


Table Gift suggestions

1. Books- books, book ends, world globes, book stand, note books,

2. Toys- dolls, teddies, board games, blocks, doll houses, trains, rocking horse, balls, miniatures

3. Tea & tarts- tea pots, cups, tea canisters, table cloths, trays, sandwich plates, pastries, boxes of tea

4. Hats, shoes & bags- aside from the obvious, shoe boxes, hat stands, gloves, fans, hat boxes, jewellery

5. Flowers- bouquets, plants, bags of soil, garden tools, vases, flower pots, cut flowers, fountains,

6. Art- paintings, frames, sculptures, wall hangings, painting supplies, easels, pottery, glass,

7. Wine & cheese- wine bottles, goblets, casks, cheese, crackers, bottle openers, gift baskets, plates

8. Bakery- breads, cakes, rolls, donuts, decorated tins, boxes, baking tins, trays, squares, gift baskets,

9. Home & Bath- bath accessories, place mats, pillows, towels, dishes, bottles, bed tray, clocks, pottery

10. Craft & sewing- fabric, sewing baskets, craft supplies, hoops, embroidery, tools, boxes of kits, quilts






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