Saturday Registered Workshops
Please note that the scale of each of the 11 workshops is noted in the description
Workshop # 1
Late Victorian / Edwardian style doll suitable for a shopper or shopkeeper.
You will be dressing a 1/12th scale porcelain doll wearing a lined suit in black or grey silk with a lace  blouse and cameo pin. The 3-piece skirt is trimmed with braid and the fitted jacket has a peplum which is also trimmed with braid.  You will also be making her a lovely hat to either wear shopping or to hand to a customer.
Teacher:  Linda Beaupre
Scale:  1/12th
Cost:  $85
Tool List: Sewing kit, scissors, tacky glue in a syringe, tweezers, mini-iron (optional).
Workshop # 2
Quarter Scale Inside and Outside Room 
(Based on an original 1" scale design by, and with permission of, Lori Ann Potts)
This laser cut display piece depicts the inside and outside of a Tudor style shop. The inside portion provides clear shelves within a bay window, plus individually laid cherry wood floor space for display.  The outside Tudor style front has a brick side walk and includes two flower urns which students will create as part of the class. 
A wonderful piece for placing those special minis that deserve to be highlighted in a beautiful display.
The entire display has been created to fit in an acrylic box, which is included.
Teacher:  Bob Francis
Scale:  1/4tr
Cost:  $65
Tool List: Basic tool kit, Stain ,Paint any colour you like.
Workshop # 3
Florist Shop
"Stalks for your Stock"
It's the opening day of your florist shop.  The sunflowers are ready to be picked up.  The hydrangea in the style of Vera Wang is on display. The roses are lovely and a box is ready for delivery. Who will be the first through the door.  A future bride perhaps?
The workshop includes everything pictured and more, including the plant stand.  There is more than one day's work here, so we will make whatever each student wants to cover in the time allowed.
Teacher: Joan Merriam
Scale:  1/12th
Cost:  $125
Tool List:

Light Extension Cord  Wire cutters  Washcloth, Corsage Pin  Stylus in different Sizes   Needle Nose Pliers   Paper scissors Florisoam  Toothpicks  Mouse Pad  White Glue  Teezers   Smooth mouth clamps     Museum Wax   Fimo cutter or razor blade

Black thread    Sewing needle    Cuticle Scissord   Frozen juice can lid  Ruler Pencil Beige Masking tape  Hair Pick (optional)

Paint accessories-fine brush, medium brush, water jar

Workshop # 4
Party Food in Quarter Scale
Do you have something to celebrate? Then come learn how to make quarter scale food and drinks for your quarter scale party goers.  Students will learn to make food from both polymer clay and air dry clay and will end up with a deli plate with cheese and meats on it as well as rolls for making sandwiches, a chilled shrimp platter with cocktail  sauce, a veggie tray with tomatoes, carrots,  brocolli and celery and a dip. Also a serving tray with glases of wine. All clays, paints and dishes provided along with fully illustrated instructions.
Teacher:  Janet Smith
Scale:  1/4tr
Cost:  $50
Tool List: Standard tool kit.
Workshop # 5
Jeweller's Display Table
Have a fun, bling filled day creating this splendid array of jewellery atop a gilded Chrysonbon table.  You will assemble,  paint and gild the table, then become a mini jeweller crafting earrings, necklaces, brooches and a "diamond" ring in a velvet covered ring box. The table kit, laser cut display boards, gold plated findings and chain, beads, sparkling Swarovski rhinestones and lots of other "bits and bobs" will be supplied so your dazzling display will be uniquely yours..
Teacher: Julie Dewar
Scale:  1/12th
Cost: $70
Tool List: Paint brush (flat recommended), Paint Palette (old plastic lid will do), Gold, permanent marker (Michael's sells CraftSmart fie point gold markers), paper scissors, X-Acto knife,cutting board, Glue Stick (Pritt, UHU or Aleene's), Crafters Pick Ultimate Glue, Small wire cutters, Needle Nose pliers. Tweezers, Glue syringe (optional but recommended - some will be for sale in class), Toothpicks.
Workshop # 6
Very Fancy Elegant Drapery
You will make a fancy valance, centre swag, set of tails, drapery and sheers.  Suitable for living room, dining room or formal bedroom.  This set looks best on a large window or across a pair of windows.
Teacher will need to know in advance your window measurements and your wallpaper colour, if you have a preselected place chosen for these drapes.  She has a large selection of prints and plains so she can help arrive at the fabric that is just right for your room.
You will also discuss and make a small kitchen curtain without using a pleater.
Teacher:  Janet Harvie
Scale:  1/12th
Cost: $80
Tool List: Sharp sewing scissors, tacky glue, glue syringe and pins.  A pleater, if you happen to  have one. (Do not go out an buy one, the teacher will bring several to loan out during the class.)
Workshop # 7
Serendipity - a Quarter scale shop
This pretty pastel 1/4 scale shop features 2 large display windows with lattice and gingerbread trim. There is plenty of room on the the flagstone sidewalk for outdoor seating.The spacious interior, 6" wide, incudes a full wall unit of shelving, printed floor and ceiling tiles and 2 wide window platforms perfect for displaying any kind of 1/4 scale treasures.  Paint will be supplied in the colours shown. You are welcome to bring other paint colours or stain..
Teacher: Gayle Baillargeon
Scale:  1/4tr
Cost:    $90
Tool List: Basic tool kit, X-Acto knife with new blade, fine paint brushes: 0 round, 10/0 round, 1/2" flat, wood glue, cutting surface, squaring jig, small clamps, scissors, tweezers, a work light,.
Workshop # 8
"The Shop on Main"
Shadow Box with choice of backing size, either 5" depth (suitable for shelf display) or 3 1/2" depth (suitable for wall mounting.)
In this workshop you will create your very own two storey shop shadow box with choice of depth of backings. 
Prior to the class, you will select a name for your shop, size of your shop depth and choose your colour scheme (Blue or Green).  From this there will be custom made awnings with your shop name proudly displayed.
In class, you will learn a variety of wall textures, finishing and aging techniques to completely make your shop "one of a kind"
The store front will have a shadow box backing so you will be able to fill your shop windows with wonderful treasures. (Note: students will be responsible for  completing the interior and exterior of the backing piece.)
Teacher:  Addrene Rizen
Scale:  1/12th
Cost: $95
Tool List: Detailed list will be emailed by teacher.
Workshop # 9
Shop Interior Room Box
Interior suitable for a store, 17"wide by 12 1/2 " deep and
10 1/4 tall (exterior measurements.) Gatorboard with cherry trim
and plexiglass front and top. The workshop also includes shelving and a front counter.
Teacher: Samm Brockhurst
Scale:  1/12th
Cost: $120
Tool List:  Basic tool kit, green painter's tape, wood glue, sandpaper.
Workshop # 10
Victoran Wicker Etagere
In this workshop you will learn how to construct a multi-functional shelf unit using waxed linen thread and fabric covered wires with wooden shelves.  This lovely Victorian Wicker Etagere is styled from the late 1880's with curls and decorative weaving.  In addition, storage baskets to hold those smaller items on the shelf will be taught.  Complete instructions for an optional diamond pattern will be included. 
Teacher:  Kim Stewart
Scale:  1/12
Cost: $110
Tool List: Sharp wire cutters, fine grit 220 sandpaper, glue syringe, light, ruler
Workshop #11
Upholstered Chair
After a long day of shopping wouldn't it be nice to relax and enjoy a cup of tea or a martini in ths comfortable upholstered chair?  This chair is designed after a mid-century modern easy chair. In this workshop, you will learn upholstery techniques and tips on how to recreate a miniature from a photograph.  Chair parts will be pre-cut but the fabric will not. The instructor will bring a selection of fabrics including the one pictured. Feel free to bring your own fabric.A lightweight, tight weave like cotton with an overall pattern works best. Stripes or plaids are less suitable.
Teacher:  Sandra Quigley
Scale:  1/12th
Cost: $90
Tool List: Basic tool kit with Xacto Knife, plus Fabric Glue and sharp, pointed fabric scissors.