Sunday 1/2 Day Registered Workshops
Please note that the scale of each of the workshops shown below is included in the description.
Workshop # 12
Shop Accoutrements in 1/4tr scale

A ‘French Provincial’ style shop counter, dressing screen and mannequin to use in your ¼ scale shop. The workshop includes the Cash register, shopping bags, gift box and a few surprises to add detail to your mini scene. 

Teacher:  Gayle Baillargeon
Scale:  1/4tr
Cost:  $30
Tool List: 

basic tool kit; x-acto knife with new blade, fine paint brushes; 0 round, 10/0 round , ½”flat, wood glue, cutting surface, squaring jig, small clamps, small sharp scissors, fine tweezers, a work light

Workshop # 13
Wicker Shopping Trolley in 1/4 or 1/2 scale
In this workshop you will learn how to weave an English style shopping trolley, perfect for any shop setting, using linen thread and fabric covered wire.
Complete instructions for the optional diamond pattern will be provided.  Suitable for all skill levels.
Teacher:  Kim Stewart
Scale:  1/4 and 1/2
Cost:  $55
Tool List: Sharp wire cutters, fine grit 220 sandpaper, glue syringe, light, ruler
Workshop # 14
Shoes, Shoe Boxes and Shopping Bag

You will be making two pairs of leather shoes: an open-toed high heel with an ankle strap in red and a sling back heel in green.  Kits for 2 shoe boxes and a fancy shopping bag are included

Teacher: Linda Beaupre
Scale:  1/12th
Cost:  $25
Tool List:

Small, sharp scissors, tweezers, tacky glue, ruler, stylus

Workshop # 15
Three Hats
You will create 3 different hats; a bonnet, a wide brimmed hat, and another wide brimmed hat with cylindrical crown.
Fabric and trim colours may vary from the photos.  Teacher will bring a variety of colouirs for fabric and trim for each and the students will choose their favourites.
The workshop kits come with a photo of the hat, colour copy instructions, pre-ironed hat templates with fabric already attached, as well as silk ribbon rose making tools and supplies, feathers, embellishments tools and glue.
Teacher: Shannon Smith
Scale:  1/12th
Cost:  $30
Tool List: Basic tool kit with small, sharp tweezers, work surface, lighting
Workshop # 16
Quarter Scale Chocolates
Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  In this class, we’ll be using air dry clay, chalk, paints, etc., to make all kinds of chocolate goodies including a chocolate fountain with several dippers (bananas, cherries, brownies, French bread and grapes), a chocolate torte with raspberry mousse, nutty chocolate brownies, cheesecake with a chocolate drizzle and chocolate cakes (including German chocolate cake.)  Some components of this class include polymer clay, but the polymer clay work will be done for you ahead of time due to time constraints from the class. Pans and bowls included. 
Teacher: Janet Smith
Scale:  1/4tr
Cost: $30
Tool List: Tacky glue, super glue, small paintbrushes, doule stick tape, razor blade, cheese grater(that you are willing to use for polymer clay), pins, tweezers, BlueTac or FunTac.
Workshop # 17
Not JUST Pants
We will discuss pattern blocks and how they are used in the garment industry. You will receive a set of blocks to fit a 5 1/2 and 6" doll. We will then discuss how these "blocks" are used to make the pattern for a finished garment. You will become the couturier. Move over Coco Chanel!
During the class, you will make a simple pair of pants. You may make: jeans, dress pants with or without cuffs, Capri pants or shorts, all from the same pattern block.
Note: The dolls are not included. If you wish to fit clothing on your own doll, bring it along. If not, we will learn how to show garments draped over various bits of furniture. We will also cover skirts, shirts and blouses and the blocks provided for upper body clothing.

A micro glue syringe is vital and will be provided.

Variety of cotton will be offered

Teacher:  Janet Harvie
Scale:  1/12th
Cost: $40
Tool List: Doll, if desired, very small, sharp scissors and regular sewing scissors, large tweezers.