Frequently Asked Questions /
Gathering Details
How many "Shoppers" will be attending?
Attendance is limited to 80 people
What is included in the registration fee?
Your room accommodation, dinner Friday evening, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday, coffee breaks, special Gathering souvenirs and the tour of Fulford Place Mansion.
What time does it start?
Tours of Fulford Place in Brockville begin at 12 noon on Friday and go until 3 pm Friday.
Registration opens at Glen House Resort at 3:30 pm Friday.
What are Registered Workshops?
The Saturday full day and Sunday half day Registered Workshops require that you fill out a workshop registration form and pay for the requested workshop(s) prior to the event. Registered workshops are assigned by a random pull of registration forms received by a pre-set cut-off date --this year it is October 24, 2012. List your top 3 choices for Saturday and top 2 for Sunday. You will be notified which workshop you are in.
I sent in my Gathering Registration really early, but I still did not get my first choice workshop. How come?
We assign Registration Numbers on a random draw basis for all Gathering Registration forms received (with payment) by October 24, 2012. After that, we assign them as they come in.  Workshops are assigned in the order of your Registration Number.
What are Quick Kits?
On Friday Night we'll be selling some great Quick-Kits. These used to be known as "round table kits"-inexpensive, easy to make kits. You can work on them in the UFO (UnFinished Objects) workshop area on Saturday or Sunday morning, or take them home with you to make later.

Numbers permitting, you might be able to buy a bunch for your club.

How do I submit a proposal to sell a Quick-Kit?

Please indicate your interest in selling a Quick-Kit on the Time and Talent Form available on the Forms page.  If you have any questions, please email Linda Beaupre at lbeaupre493@yahoo.com

What are Exchange Gifts?
Exchange Gifts are optional, but are a big part of the fun. You are invited to bring along a lovely miniature object, either purchased or made by yourself, with a suggested value of about $20. Gifts can be in either 1/12th or 1/4tr inch scale. If you bring one, you will receive one in return sometime during the weekend. They must be packaged in a clear container with your name inside so that the person receiving it can thank you. The gift should be something you are proud to give and would have been happy to receive. Exchange gifts will be collected at the registration table.
What are Table Gifts?
It has been a tradition on Saturday night to exchange small gifts with the seven other people at your table. While a value of $5-10 is suggested, most are handmade items which are valued by the recipients as a wonderful reminder of the Gathering and the great new mini-friends who shared your table.

Giving is optional.

What are Gathering Helpers?

These are items raffled off to help with gathering expenses, donated by clubs, groups or individuals. They could be a small room box or vignette, or a single piece such as a dressed doll, a special piece of furniture, or a very nice accessory piece. They usually run at a value of at least $50, but many are worth far more. The Gathering Helpers are kept on display throughout the weekend while the tickets are being sold. The winning tickets are pulled at the Sunday lunch.  You may indicate your willingness to donate a Gathering Helper on the "Time and Talent" form, accessed from the forms page.

How are Centrepieces used?

This year, the Gathering Committee is putting together fabulous Theme/Scale Shop centrepieces, one for the entire weekend. One lucky winner at each table will take home the centrepiece at the end of the Sunday lunch. There are also some other goodies to be won at each table.

What are Displays? 
You've worked hard -- show it off!

Everybody loves to see what other people have been doing, so we hope to have lots of displays: room boxes, dollhouses or individual items.

If you plan to bring something, please complete the Display section of the Time and Talent form, available from the Forms page..

Let us know the size, and if you need an outlet. Please bring your own lighting and extension cord.

Be sure to include a card with some information about it.

Displays are turned in on Friday, at the registration area.

What is the Artisans' Market? 
We will have our Artisans Market for 1 hour each, on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you wish to have a table to sell handcrafted items, please click here for information. 

How is Table Seating Done?

Table seating will be pre-arranged for both Lunches and for Saturday Dinner. Each table will have a different shop theme.  Please choose your top 3 choices for a shop theme from the list on the Table Theme page and enter it on your Registration Form. You will be notified of your table theme in plenty of time to decide you your table gifts.

If you'd like to be seated with your favourite shopping mates, as long as they choose the same Table Theme,  send an email to gayle@petworthminiatures.com and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  Your table name and seat number will be shown in the Gathering information booklet you will receive at registration. 

Seating Requests must be received by October 24, 2012.

What is the "UFO" Table?

Not everyone wishes to enrol in a registered workshop.  Instead, they may choose to work on the Quick Kits purchased on Friday night, or bring along an UnFinished Object from their own stash.  We supply "UFO" tables on both Saturday and Sunday where they can work along with other "work-shoppers".

What happens at the hat contest?

On Saturday night, we will have a panel of judges to choose the best hats.  Your hat should be theme related, which is wide open to any type of shop, from dresses to flowers to hardware!  Winners receive great prizes.  For more info go to the Hats Page.