Registration Form in .doc format
(Includes "Time and Talent" Volunteer Form)
- Click on a link below to download a form to your computer.
- Forms are available in two different formats:  *.pdf and *.doc
A little assistance from your Conductors:
- If you choose .doc, a Word document will be downloaded to your own computer.  Please note that different Internet Browsers handle downloads somewhat differently, depending on your individual settings. Watch the lower left of your screen for the download to start.  You may also be given the opportunity to immediately choose where to save the file.  If not, the default location will usually be your Downloads folder.  You may also be asked whether to make the document "editable", if so, say yes.  That will allow you to complete the form via your computer, if you wish.
If you chose the .pdf file, it will open an Adobe file that you can save and/or print. This form cannot be made to be editable and has to be filled in by hand.
Gathering Forms 
Registration Form in .pdf format
Workshop Selection Form in .doc format.
Workshop Selection Form in .pdf format.
Artisans' Mart Form in .doc format.
Artisan's Mart Form in .pdf format.
Mini Swap Form in .doc format
Mini Swap Form in .pdf format
PackYour Bag Trunk Contest Form.doc format
PackYour Bag Trunk Contest Form in .pdf format