Here are some explanations of things that happen during your ride on the Orient Express: 
Exchange Gifts: 
You bring one, you get one!  Exchange Gifts can be anything pertaining to miniatures, handmade or purchased, with a suggested value of $20.  You have the choice of bringing, and receiving in return, either a 1/12th scale or 1/4 scale piece.  Your gift should be something you are proud to submit. 
Table Gifts:
It has been a tradition on Saturday night to exchange small gifts with the seven other people at your table.  While a value of $2-$5 is suggested, most are handmade items which are valued by the recipients as a wonderful reminder of the Gathering.
At some past Gatherings, centrepieces have been solicited from registrants.  For 2015, the Committee has created the Centrepieces.  Please do not bring along a piece intended to be a Centrepiece
On Friday night, we'll  be selling some great Quick-Kits.  You can work on them in the UFO (Unfinished Objects) area on Saturday or Sunday, or take them home with you to make later.
Numbers permitting, you might be able to buy a bunch for your club.
If you wish to submit a Quick-Kit for approval, please complete that section of the Time and Talent form on the Registration Form, from the Forms page.
Show off your wonderful work! We all love to see what other people have been doing, so we hope to have lots of displays, room boxes, dollhouses or individual items.
If you plan to bring something, please complete that section of the Time and Talent form which is the third page of the Registration Form, located on the Forms page.
Gathering Helpers:
These are items raffled off to help with Gathering expenses.  They are donated by clubs, groups or individuals.  The can anything from a small room box or vignette or a single piece such as a dressed doll, special piece of furniture or very nice accessory piece.
If you are planning to donate a Gathering Helper, please complete that section of the Time and Talent Form, which is the third page of the Registration Form, located on the Forms page.
Helpers usually run at a value of about $50, but many are worth far more.  The Gathering Helpers are kept on display throughout the weekend, while the tickets are being sold. The winning tickets are pulled at Sunday lunch.
Artisans' Market:
We will have our Artisans' Market for 1 hour each evening, on Friday and Saturday.
If you wish to have a table to sellhandcrafted items, please go to the the Artisan's Market contract.on the Forms page
Your Fellow Travellers:
"Dining Car" seating will be pre-arranged for both lunches and Saturday dinner.
Please indicate your scale choice on the Registration form.  There will be 2 quarter scale tables, and seat assignments will be based on your registration number and shown in your Gathering booklet, given to you at registration.
If you wish to be seated with your favourite travel companions, please email your request to
Seating requests must be received by March 15, 2015.
Mini Swap:
This is a fun event and offers you a chance to show off your creative talents. 
The swap will be offered in two scales; 1 inch (1/12 scale) and ľ inch (1/48 scale). You can sign up for either scale, or for
both if you wish , but you must fill in the swap registration from the Forms page, and return it, in order to participate.
Pack Your Bag Contest:

Fill a miniature suitcase or travel trunk (any scale) with all the essentials for your perfect Orient Express trip.


Are you dressing up, dressing down, smuggling, planning a murder? What are you packing? Print the "Pack Your Bag Form" from the Forms page, which includes a luggage tag for you to attach to your submission.


Here are a couple of web siteswith ideas to get you started:


"The Lynn Belanger Memorial Silent Auction":
The late Lynn Belanger was the founder of the Gathering Silent Auction. She worked hard to set it up and turn it into the fun event it has become.  The money made from the auction is used to provide $100 gift certifcates which are given, by draw, to some lucky registrants.  The number of gift certificates depends on the amount of the take from the auction.
Now is your chance to clear your collection of pieces taking up space that you can use for new treasures.
Donate your items to the Silent Auction where they will go to a new home and help fund special Gathering gifts.
Be mindful of size, please.  No huge houses, although roomboxes would be fine.
The auction items will be given in at the time of registration on Friday Afternoon.
Please include an approximate value.  The Auction Committe will set the starting bid.
The silent auction will run during Saturday dinner.
Items not auctioned will be returned to the owners to take back  home.
Suggestions for donations:
- Unopened (or only-been-opened-once-and-then-tucked-away) kits
- Unfinished kits
- Partly completed projects
- Furniture, dolls, accessories you realize you no longer need
- Materials and supplies including jewelry findings, and other interesting bits, that could really be useful -- to someone else
Decorate A T-Shirt Contest

Design your own Train Travel shirt or top. Decorate it for your travels with bling for elegant dining or labels for places visited or maybe a map so you donít get lost.

Wear your creation to dinner Friday night and you could win a prize



Saturday Dinner

This is your opportunity to dress in the elegance of the 1930ís Orient Express when Agatha Christie set her famous murder, King Carol of Roumania used the Orient Express to conduct his Ďaffairsí or pack off a discarded lover, the Duke of Windsor travelled on the train often and he and Wallis Simpson left for their honeymoon on the Orient Express. Maybe they will show up for dinner.

No judges no prizes; just for fun
Friday Pre-Registration Free Workshop:
If you plan to arrive by 1:00 pm on Friday, prior to opening of Registration, there will be an area available where you can participate in a free workshop.